Thursday, January 28, 2010

sick days..

So my perfect little one has had some major sniffles the last two days....The poor little one has been miserable, and Nick and I knew that the allergies of us both would hit at some point. And that point is now. She snorts like a little french bulldog. She has had spells where she will just SCREAM...which makes me so sad because I just know that she is so uncomfortable. So I stick that little sucker outer thing up her nose one more time and try to have her sleep at an incline, but it is just so was looking better, and it was until this evening when she had another sad little girl.

Anyways, I think she is good now, two days of no sleeping though can do a mommy in. Hopefully she will sleep some what normal tonight. and I will hopefully get to sleep in my bed. tuesday night I was in her room and last night the couch, each morning its been funny for nick to wake up and try to find me. He just looks at me with this sad little face and says hes so sorry! haha

So here is a pic of what I have been looking at...feel bad for us :(

love you all!


  1. The Big Blue snorter sucker... You saw it coming and always tried to run. It's like it was yesterday. The other trick was tylenol w/codeine. That was the miricle drug of all sleeping meds for yuo and your brother to get you through the night. The allergy genes from you and Nick are long. Sorry Kate... you to will get through it. Love you guys

  2. Daddy used to always stay up all night with you and Davis so I could get some sleep! Might want to try that...BUT I don't think G-dad will be coming down every night - but I am sure he would want to!!!!