Sunday, May 9, 2010

slap my hand...

So I again apologize for NOT BLogging! Geez! Slap my hand!

Just an update on whats been going on...I have decided that I am TIRED of being Overweight as I have been for a bout a year and half, and yes while I did have a baby, I only gained about 40lbs with her, so really THat is not the reason why I have this stinky old weight.

So...about three weeks ago I was in this great little place called Kingwood Bagel, when I turn and see this brochure for Kingwood Boot Camp! (ironic huh) I pick it up as I wait for my 1 million calorie yummy egg, ham and gooey melted cheese bagel sandwich, while sipping on my large dr. pepper. And as Im reading it, Im seeing that you have to wake up and be somewhere at 515, yeah right! and then of course you do like Crazy workouts for about an hour for 4 weeks. I think to myself, I could do 4 weeks, this could be just what I need. And though I LOATHE the mornings, it is a time that I wouldnt have to get a babysitter, she would just still be asleep! So our handy dandy tax return helped pay for me to be CRAZY for 4 weeks and go to boot camp! Long story short, I am really liking it! Its making me feel SO much better, But I have found taht I fill my day up with so many things! And you should all be happy to know that Business is starting to pick up, which makes me crazy...but then this weekend hit, and I have not behaved! I will have to make it up this week by eating REALLY well! But I have lost 4lbs!!! YAY!! its just a small amount, but its a start! I will be skinny again! I AM DETERMINED to be able to go into a store again and not have to try on a medium...I just want to be able to buy it and know it will fit!

So next thing on the menu...its my first mothers day! Sigh! I cant tell you how blessed I am by my sweet little Kate. She is truly the most amazing child. She is beautiful, so sweet, and Just gosh darn happy! I just love her to peices, and though today is supposed to be about me being a mom, I feel like probably most moms do, all I wanted to do is just hold Kate and just relish in the fact that I get to be her mom. The Lord chose ME, be her mom. I am so lucky. Just a year ago she was just cookin away in my tummy, and I was scared, and worried, and not sure. Today its like second nature. Its something I do, I am a mom! And I cant believe it. I dont know if it will ever be something I truly can wrap my brain around, but I am a Mom! And i am so blessed!

I just think of all the things I wish for her, and all the things I pray Nick and i will teach her. I think of the little ones to come after her, and I get excited about more fun little babies, and the great blessing of watching them grow up. I have had such a fun time just seeing her learn and become Kate. And without further ado, here are some new pictures...they are from today!


  1. Best blogging daughter in law ever!!! such sweet pics!

  2. I've been to boot camp, and 515 was a late morning! But good for you and keep it up!!!
    Your baby is the cutest, and your stories are too!