Sunday, November 15, 2009

Real Baby day...

so when this whole thing started I always heard from people how much laundry I would have, how many times Kate would mess up or throw up on something and make it impossible for me to keep her in the same outfit almost all day! So when Kate came into our lives, I was ready, we have TONS of clothes, 1000 blankets, wash rags everything ready for use...because evidently babies are CRAZY messy! Well until today lets just say I havnt had a messy child. She seemed to keep her throw up to a minimum, she kept her poo in her diaper, and she didnt pee too much on the changing table without a diaper.

As I said...UNTIL today! it was just funny! we went through at least 4 onesies, because she peed on two, pooped on another and then threw up SO big that I had to change her out of another. we went through 3 blankets, because yes they had either pee or a nice yellow poo color all over them, but we were good for socks! Socks stayed on her feet all day, and we only had to change them once!

Lets just say Nick and I got a good kick out of it. it was pretty funny, because really how can you get mad at this face! Come she just getting cuter! I think so!

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  1. I think so, and the fun of changing messy poo is as fun as the first snow. After a while you can't wait for the little tykes to be potty trained. You go kids, keep it fun!