Monday, November 9, 2009

Dr. Appt

Today we had our little check up! She is progressing well, and the Dr. Said he is Very impressed with her growing! She is 19 inches long now, and when we got there she weighed in a little low at 6.10, but the doc sent in his lactation nurse and she helped me with some latching techniques and things, we weighed Kate one more time after the guided feeding, and she weighed 6.13!!

I cant tell you how discouraged I was when that first weight came across the table. Kate and I have been working so hard to get her weight up, and I am very sore and just a little sad that she was that low. After meeting with the specialist though she assured me that it does happen to ALOT of moms, and she told me that I have a problem with not letting people help me. Which I know is true. I just dont want to fail, but I guess I need to ask some questions and get some help in order to not do that. so Needless to say, after a tearful session with the specialist, and some new pointers, we weighed her again and she was up 4 oz! I Was SOOO excited!! and the little nurse was too! IT was so wonderful and what I needed! (the things I get excited about these days are hilarious) SO here we go again, going to feed and feed and feed until she is Crazy full! hopefully on wednesday when we go back to the specialist, she will weigh even more!

ANd this is her I dont want to go to the doctor, but I will because you are making me face! SHe is sooo cute! Love this little peanut!


  1. heh just so you know, I AM reading this and loving it. You know I love the ol' pregnancy thing. I can see how empty boobs and fat babies are totally exciting. I can't wait to meet her!! re: song. LOVE YOU GUYS!

  2. thank you, thank you for blogging and new pics!! she is so precious. breastfeeding takes a lot of patience and you will get it right - no worries!!! she will be more content and sleep longer when her little belly is full of mommy milk!! love you all!!! the gma