Sunday, November 8, 2009

too long...

I know you guys are dying! Im so sorry its been 5 days since I last posted! NOT EXCEPTABLE!! here is what is going down. I have some great new pics of the little bambino with some great visitors and such, but my camera battery died, and I can not find my charger! its killing me! SO...Im in a bit of a pickle until I find the charger.

here is a pic from the hospital though of my dad and Kate! This pic cracks me up, and with his permission I have the right to put my two little receding hair line loves on the web...I hope this brings you guys as much joy as it does me!

Just for a little update, this week we are going to try to get Kate in her bed!! Keep your fingers crossed, and she has her 2nd Doctors appt tomorrow! Love you guys!


  1. I love it too, but I need new pics - we're dying here. I have missed half of Kate's life now!!!!!
    Love you all so much!!
    The Florida Grands