Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Da Jorge

So the day has come...Georgie is just too much for us to have in our lives anymore. Its a sad day, because he is such a sweet great dog, but we are need for him to go to someone else. If you guys know ANY one who would like a dog like George Please send them our way! He truly is the best dog, its just too much for us to have both dogs and our little Kate. He is great with babies and other dogs....And I know if he could get to a home where they could take him on walks daily and play with him, he would be like WORLDS best dog! We just truly dont have the time or place for him anymore.

Just a little background on our Georgie...I found him about 2 years ago on the side of the road coming home from Sky ranch, he was about 4 months old, it was of course raining and he was dodging traffic on 110. SO I got out of my car to see if he would even come to me, and he jumped right in the car...I had full intentions on taking him to the SPCA the next morning, but Nick wouldnt have it. From then on we have LOVED George! He is sweet as pie, loving and just an all around great dog, He just needs more than we can give right now, he is great with other dogs and baby kate, and pretty much any kids. He is around 2 years old, we know that he has Black Lab in him, and I think a little bit of Collie he weighs around 65-70 lbs, has had all his shots, hes been fixed, Hes potty trained...he can sit! haha oh and he knows how to go to his bed!

Let me know if any of you know anyone who might like our little George!! my number is 407.342.8768

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