Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Ok so my little baby is THREE weeks old today!! Can you believe it, its been 3 Weeks!! She is looking older and more stout to me, She is getting to where she follows me with her eyes more, like she sort of knows what shes looking at, and she is of course only getting prettier as the days go by!

Today we had a fun day though, Poppa Rhea came down and we had a 3 Week Birthday Party! Of course I took some pictures that I would make fun of if I werent her mom, and on more occasions than not, I HAVE made fun of the moms who take such pictures, like with a cupcake, When you know good and well that the infant number one can not sit up by herself and two the infant can not hold a cupcake, and three we all know she didnt eat the cupcake, so why take such fictitious picture! Well I am here to say that I am sorry for ever making fun of those moms, and here are my silly infant "not real" pics!

I hope you guys enjoy!

Happy 3 Week Birthday Kate!

Now for a little sentimental time, I wanted to write a little something to my little Kate, You have been in our lives now for 3 weeks, and you have changed it for ever! I heard that you would change us, and what we are and think and everything, but until it has happened, I truly had no idea how much I could love something. How much I could care for a little being, and how much I would enjoy just little things that you do, the cooing, the fake smiles after you eat, the silly faces you make when you stretch, the sweet way you lay on my chest, or how I can comfort you in just way that makes you almost melt into my shoulder. The super tiny parts of you, those little feet, elbows, ears...I know that this time is going to go by so fast and you wont be tiny anymore, but I just love your little dainty self. I love you so much, and i can not wait to see you grow into the girl that the Lord will have you be! We love you so much Kate! Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy 3 wk. birthday to our precious Kate! Yes, your mommy is silly and we Love it!!!!

    the Florida grands who are sad because they can't be there to be silly, too!

  2. If you're taking votes on additional fictitious infant poses, I have a whole book full of 'em... oh wait, that's an Anne Geddes book EEW! HOW'd THAT GET HERE? Anyways, just know that if Kate can visually track, she's already surpassed some of my students developmentally. Fun times.

    I can't wait to meet her. And secretly take a picture of her filling out my 1040.

  3. I think g-dad poppa Rhea had the most fun being silly yesterday. Thank you Rachel for enduring your crazy dad!