Monday, November 16, 2009

Things are looking up...

Nick has an interview on sunday with a Methodist Church in Kingwood, TX. Its Kingwood UMC, and its for the youth worship leader and small group leader. We are so encouraged to have an interview so close to the Willow thing, that if anything, that is exactly what this is, Encouragment! But it could also be something wonderful as well!

When he came home tonight, after some great Taco soup, and a nice walk outside in the some what winter weather! We went over some worship songs and sang together with our little Kate. It was one of those times that I pray we have more of. #1 I love Worshiping the lord. #2 I love LOVE watching nick play the guitar and sing to the Lord. and #3 After having Kate, worshiping is so much more emotional for me. Before she was born and we would go to church or nick would play the guitar and sing, she would go crazy in there, and then to be able as a family to sit and sing to the Lord with a little girl who will hopefully enjoy it too, is just so great! I love love love it!

So please pray for again the Lord's ultimate guidance and wisdom with this interview. We pray that He only shows us what He wants us to do and where He wants us to be.

Love you guys!

Heres a sweet sleeping pic...

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  1. happy 4 weeks to our precious kate!!!

    the florida g's