Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Mimi...

Yesterday the Rhea family had a scare. Our sweet Mimi had an A-Phib? I hope Im spelling that correctly. Her heart was just going too fast for her own good. I am so pleased to say that she is ok and steady...they are keeping her in the hospital for one more night to see if there are any changes or anything, but I know I have some major prayer warriors that check out my blog, so once more I am going to ask you guys to pray for her.

If you know her you know she is a wonderful woman of God, who keeps her relationship with the Lord close, she is such a fun, thoughtful and always there for you kind of lady! i have learned so many things from her through out the years, and I cant wait for Kate to get to know her better!

Mimi, We are so glad that you are feeling better today, and pray that you just get even better! Love you so much!


  1. You are so precious! I love you so much Rachel.

  2. Rachel,

    Please tell your Mimi Charlotte that we have her in our prayers!!

    Love you

    the mama

  3. She is doing great and loves you so much!