Tuesday, November 10, 2009

some prayers needed...

Today is the day we find out about Chicago...We are both trying really hard to not be anxious and worried. There has been so much that we have learned about each other and our family through out this process, and if its something that works out, then it will be a different crazy time for our little family, an adventure that we will embark on...if its not where the Lord wants us to go then Nick will keep looking and we will keep praying for the right place to be. Its been hard for me to get to this place through out this process, being pregnant and a new mom through most of this, Its been hard to see it like "normal Rachel" would see it or hope to see it. Also there have just been so many unanswered questions..it will be nice to know after today what I am going to need to do with my photography, whether we can go to Florida for Christmas, and just little things like that that will answer those questions! SO Get ready for 4:30 everybody! Nick will have the phone call then and we will know shortly after. Please pray for the anxiousness of today to go away, and pray for guidance and wisdom as what to do whether we get the job or not.

We love you all so much! Thank you for caring about this time in our lives.


  1. We love you guys so much and this has been a faith tester for sure, but i know (cause He told me) how much He loves all 3 of you and you are in His care - so no worries!! But, it is really time to know - one way or the other!! Come on Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waiting (not so patiently anymore) to hear!!!

  2. You guys will be fine with whatever happens! NO worries.

    Rachel, did you shoot the night Chi-town sky line? I want that framed, specially if you shot it.

  3. haha Yeah right! did i shoot that! I wish I had! I just googled it!