Friday, November 13, 2009

My Momma Came to town!

So the last couple of weeks my momma has come to town for the day, and its been so wonderful having her each time. She comes in and cleans my house, and sits with Kate and me, and its just always A great Day! Its funny when Nick comes home afterwards, he is always so much happier because the house is soo pretty and smells so nice. Which makes it hard to see her go each time. I just love hanging out with my momma!

This time, she brought my mimi, her mom, Kate's Great Grandma Georgie! It was a great day! just sitting there with our grannys hangin out taking pictures and enjoying each other.

It was what I would call A Wonderful Day! Here are some sweet pics of our fun little day of sitting and staring at our little Kate.

love you guys!

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  1. such great pictures - kate will treasure them when she is older! so happy your momma is there for you. you are blessed.

    love you - the florida "wishing she were there" grandma