Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Im so in love...

so everyday I cuddle and sleep and love this little bundle. There are truly no words. Right now I cant sleep, and she will wake up pretty soon for her next feeding, so I am just letting her lay her sweet head on my chest, I love to hear her breathe and stretch and make her tiny funny noises. Its something that is so wonderful and crazy at the same time. I now understand the Love that my mom and dad always talked about with us. I just love her more than anything, and when she is peaceful and sleeping so sweetly, I cant do anything but thank the Lord for entrusting me with this gift. I pray that I do Him justice, I pray that Nick and I can lead her to be a woman of God, to love everyone around her the way they need to be loved, and just to have great discernment and wisdom, a kind heart and really honestly just Love for everything around her.

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