Monday, November 16, 2009

Blogs are Addictive....

SO I have never had the time til lately to just Serf the web, but with feedings and things of that sort, I find that I am on the internet more. With that, my creative DIY side has come out full swing! There are SO many great fun cute blogs out there with Do it yourself stuff that is really REALLY cute! I found too that it makes me want to get out our christmas stuff and deck the halls!

I wish that thanksgiving was sooner, so that I could put up our Christmas...

I am so happy to be excited about Christmas this year! Last year was a little hard for many reasons going on in my family, and Christmas truly was not anything I even participated in last year. It felt like a daze...but through the year there has been a lot of healing and repairing or hearts, that my love for Christmas is BACK! And I think with our little one, I just want it to be that much more spectacular!! Here is one of the super fun ideas that I found for an advent calendar! I love a good advent! WE had them every year, and Mary Trimble would always get us a cool one to open up each christmas, it was something I will never forget! I loved the candy for each day and the fun picture or saying, it was always so exciting!

With this one I can put candy in some, verses in others, etc. If you want to know how to make it though go to this super cute blog

And here is our little version of Rudolph, keep in mind this is the before christmas version, so that thanksgiving doesnt get its feelings too hurt!


  1. Did you make this? Not the baby, I know the answer to that. I talking the Advent hanging. That is cool!