Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter Everybody!!

This last week Nicks Parents were here, and we had a blast! (more pics on that later) But today was Easter, we got in some new Easter Clothes and went to church, and maybe because I was so busy getting Kate ready or making sure everything was ready to go, but Easter just didnt feel right until later this afternoon when I was sitting around editing pictures. Its quite Amazing how the Lord just came down here dealt with all of our crazies and still loved us enough Die for us. THEN he goes and comes back to life! ARE you kidding me! Every year I am still amazed that He loves me and US SO much! Thank you Lord for continually loving me. I pray that this year, I continue to remember that, and not get too busy with the things that truly dont matter.

But in the essence of americanized Easter and things that dont is Katers in her super sweet Easter Dress...there really isnt anything better than a baby at Easter!

Oh and just so everyone knows there have been MAJOR things going on in this little ones life...again more to come later...but She is starting to sit up All by herself...and she is doing this smile now where she just opens up her mouth SUPER here you go!

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  1. you r such a beautiful family!! nick, nice hair! everyone looks wonderful. such a fun week we had, i am already thinking of ways to get there again, soon!!! i miss that smile katers and your super special bear cub growls!!

    love you guys so so much!

    da mama