Monday, April 19, 2010

best baby...

Every day I am reminded how AMAZING Kate is! She is truly the BEST baby EVER! today she was super fun and let me work on some pics that Had to be edited and she played on the floor and in her exersaucer like a big girl! Then she went down for a nap, not where I was holding her the whole time, she let me put her in her bed!! This is a BIG deal people! BIG DEAL!! She is getting SO big!!

As I write this I see that is 1:30...this time 6 months (OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT) ago I was doing my hair getting ready to go start having my little baby. Life was So different then...I am so blessed to have her, and its her half birthday! Love you Katers!

Here are some more pics from this weekend...oh and dont judge me, all these pics were taken with my handy dandy iphone

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  1. Happy half a happy birthday Kate!!! Papa loves you!!!