Tuesday, April 6, 2010

last week...

So like I had said before Nicks parents were here last week, and we had such a great time! We really didnt do much but hang out, which come to find out is exactly what they were wanting to do.

We did a little swimming, papa took her around the pool and taught her about all the fun things, we sang songs, we went shopping, we made silly faces...there were so many memories made! I hope that we get to see them sooner than later. They are such great grandparents and Kate is so sweet with them. Cant wait for them to come back!

Here are pics from the week!


  1. omg!! you are the blog queen!! i love them all, except for the old lady with the wrinkles!!!

  2. that was a priceless visit with lots of incredible memories. I'll make Kate an Elvis and showtune fan yet!

  3. she is SO precious!!! They grow SO fast... I LOVE her swim suit! Her and Graham must meet sometime!