Sunday, April 18, 2010

doing dallas!

We had a great, BUSY weekend in dallas! But it was VERY fun! Katers and I came in for a photo shoot friday night, which was super fun and you guys will have to check my other blog for that later. But then the weekend was full of seeing great friends and family. Of course we saw my momma and chip, and Daddy and Kelly...then the next morning we saw Charlie, Sara and Jessica some of my dear friends from WAY back in the day...I have known sara sense I was like 3 or something crazy, Charlie I have known since like 1st grade, and Jessica came a little later I think when I was in 8th grade? I dont know...needless to say I have known them FOREVER! and LOVE THEM dearly! They just know me sooo well...we always have a good here are some pics of us at the Rusty Taco...SO GOOD!

Side note: When Kate was born Charlie and our friend Tyler were oh so sweet and made this little onesie with their faces on it, and it said I love my two daddies! And they made this SUPER sweet DVD that I definitly cried at when I watched it, and laughed SUPER hard at...but anyways...I had her in the onesie on saturday, on greenville, just picture this, Charlie in the gayborhood with three women and a baby with a huge bow on her head and he was holding her pretty much the whole time, and He was wearing designer jeans...lets just put it this way, a whole table looked at us and gave us the Way To Go nod! It was HILARIOUS!! Loved it! Another great time and great memory for our little group to go down in the books! hahaha

Love you guys ALOT

more pics from the weekend tomorrow! Oh and I have blue bonnett pics from the weekend before! you are all going to DIE!! They are sooo cute!

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