Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I cant believe it! My little tiny baby is now Big and plump and 6 MONTHS OLD!! She is soooo amazing! and I cant believe how much she is changing Each day. I hope some day she will be able to look at this blog and see all the funny stories, but truly I cant wait for her to see how much We loved every moment of her growing up.

She is just truly the best! she is so close to crawling its rediculous, so brace yourselves people she will be scooting around soon! But in light of her having a half birthday, I am going to use this blog post to get a little gushy...

Katers, you have truly changed my life, but like nothing you will ever know. I hate waking up early, but knowing that I go in and the first thing I get is your little smile has changed me to LOVE the mornings...i wasnt a big fan of spit up and things, but now that you have literally spit up on me every day since you were born, I look at it as your way of Saying I love you mommy! Thanks for taking care of me! your little gooing and babbling is great! You are soo ready to say things to me, and you are already a hard worker. You have mastered tummy time, and soon enough you are going to be scooting around this place. And Ive noticed lately at what a pleaser you are! I pray that it doesnt consume you, but I know that your little sweet spirit is going to only blossom and I cant wait to see it! You just know when to be a good baby, and I love that about you. (except in restaurants)

You just make my life SO much sweeter, and I am so thankful that the Lord found me and your daddy right to raise you! With the Lord leading our hearts we pray that you only grow to be in Love with Him! I cant wait for the next 6 months! I know you are going to be Such a different baby by then! Love you Katers! Happy Half Birthday!

These are the bluebonnet pics!


  1. I wanna cry and squeeze and sing to little Katers!! Love, love, love her! Happy half a birthday!

  2. the papa is pretty emotional over the bluebonnets!!!! so, so precious!!! happy half a birthday precious baby girl!!! i should be there!!!!!!!

    gigi (still trying this name out)