Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Week 1

She is a week old yesterday and I cant believe it! Its crazy how fast that went. She is doing so good, went to the dr. gained some weight. love the new doc, he is great, and he lives literally down the street from us. When he told me this I immediately imagine one of those crazy mom nights when Im freaking I can run down the street like a crazy woman in my robe and frantically knock on his door...i mean really would I do that. Maybe.

Anyways. she is so precious and pretty, adorable and sweet. I really had no idea what kind of an impact she would have on my heart. its incredible. I could hear it and pray about it and know from other sweet mommies, but until its yours i mean its really just incredible. Humbling and overwhelming to think that the Lord has blessed Nick and I with this little being who is to be taught and cared for by us! Why would he pick us? Why would we be so blessed to get such a perfect little baby? so many questions. But I still just go back to thinking. Thank you father for letting us be chosen. Thank you for putting this little girl in our lives and thank you for giving us one more chance to grow in you.

Here are some pics of the first week. I am going to try to take a pic everyday so that you guys can see her grow...notice the word Try! So here we go..leave comments I like them!


  1. rachel, i am sitting at my desk, it is late, i'm trying to catch up and get report cards done and i find the katie duck blog. the tears are mostly of joy ( a little because i miss all of you so freakin' much) as i am able to share in your love and thoughts and moments of our precious little baby. it will make the separation a little easier. thank you for being such a wonderful mother and an awesome daughter in law! i love you! the 'ma in law'

  2. Hey Rachel - thanks for the blog--can't wait for the new pics of the cutest baby ever! I can't believe how quickly I took to this g-pa thing, but I am totally into it. Wish I could be there to hold Kate and hug you and Nick. Love ya--papa

  3. Aw, Rachel! I am supposed to be in Tyler running errands but I noticed your blog and had to check it out and now I am hooked! She is so precious and I love how you are chronicling (is that a word...?) your feelings and experiences!!! Keep it up because it flies by and then you can look back and remember it so well. (I wish I had done this --- I just have little notes jotted on a ton of little papers. BLAH!) Well, she is beautiful and perfect and God has blessed y'all tremendously! PTL!