Thursday, October 29, 2009

funny faces...

So since our little girl was born, she has mastered amazingly funny faces! I dont know why we are so surprised because her father is full of funny faces, and Im kind of one to give a funny face...well I think...anyways. here are some of her funny faces! They make me laugh SO much, which kind of hurts my incision, but its ok because she is just soooo Dang Cute!!

Love you guys!

and then one super sweet one that i just couldnt help but post...she is already modeling for me!


  1. OMG! full of funny faces...could definitely see some "pooping" faces in there. I love the last one where she looks like she lounging on the couch....def a robinson...hehe. I'm so excited to meet her and thank you so much for the pics! We gotta live vicariously thru you for right now! Love you guys...miss you...and tell that girl to BE sassy!

  2. Incredible how much she has changed in only 6 days--can't wait to hold her again. We have to be together Christmas, one way or the other. Thanks for the update, keep them coming!