Monday, October 31, 2011

Our dear Poppy!

SO I am one day behind, but I cant go another day without a shout out to our great Poppy! Nicks dad, Kates Poppy, My sweet Father in Law had a birthday yesterday. He is one of those men in your life that you constantly thank the Lord for. He has led nick to be a better man, he has led our family to seek the Lord more strongly, and he has loved our Katers unlike anything I could know an air force officer to do! Back 6 1/2 years ago when I went to meet Nicks family, all I knew was that he just retired from the air force and he was on the quiet side. which to me meant that he was everything you see in the movies! haha hard, mean, stern...I dont know if I could have been MORE wrong. Poppy, Thank you for enriching our lives more and more each day and for loving us unconditionally and always being there! WE love you, and hope you had a great birthday yesterday!

Enjoy some pics of my little nugget with her poppy over the years...

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  1. Thanks Rach, but you forgot one important fact: