Friday, October 28, 2011

alright alright

I understand its been FOREVER, but I think you should all see my truly adorable and funfilled 2 year old bday party for my little katers. First of all I just wanted to tell you what a crazy amazing weekend it was. Nicks family was here, My mom came in, and everyone hold your breath, my sweet SWEET amazing besties came in and surprised me! Let me just tell you, when I saw them at the door, my eyes filled with tears so fast I couldnt even see them! haha Anyways, this is about Kate and how incredible she is and well how I just cant believe my little one is 2!!!!! So sit back and enjoy, because there are A TON of pics about to take over!


  1. Really the best 2nd bday a little girl could ever dream of. So glad we could be there.(deedee)

  2. Such wonderful pictures! And what a blessed little girl. I love the picture of her with her face in that cupcake!....and the high heels!!!!! Love the heels!