Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Day

SO this is a belated but super cute Valentines day! So happy happy Valentines day!

OH quick story...This morning Im sleeping and 7am rolls around and Kate is just kind of cooing and talking, not crying. 7:30 rolls around still just hanging out, so I just keep sleeping...then around 7:45 she starts getting a little restless, so I think, what a sweet baby letting me sleep in a little and being sweet in her bed. So cute. Love that kid. I get up go upstairs, get about half way down the hall, and people, when I say it smelled like death...well IT DID! Needless to say, I get in the room, and there is literally poop on every part of the bed it could be on....the sheets ALL OVER, Her pillow totally covered, bumper completely covered, some dripping down the side and even on the dust ruffle!! Thats not to mention my child completely covered! I wish I had taken a picture! It was rediculous, and she was So content and happy to be sitting in her filth. She looked as though she was proud of it somehow...geez she truly is a mess.

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