Friday, February 11, 2011


I dont have any pics..SO lame I know, but I just wanted you all to know that i am Crazy busy!! Its been quite incredible really. I had that bridal show at the Soiree, and it was Great! I have booked 7 girls from there and I am talking to and booking people weekly! Its nuts! SO Im sad to say taking random sessions of my little one has been far and few between. There will be a Valentines day session coming up though because Nicks momma sent us some SUPER cute outfits that must be photographed.

This week she has said some new Papa!! SO she now says Papa, DeeDee, Mimi and squeals when I say granny. She will also put the phone to hear ear and say Hi, but now she will follow that with whose this sometimes. Its just uncanny how much she is saying. I need to one day just write down everything she says and then post it.

So I will leave you with my super cute facebook pic for now. Loving this little bean!

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