Friday, January 28, 2011


So what a whirlwind it has been this last month! I cant believe its about to february! We have had ALOT going on around here, and therefore this poor blog has been neglected, I really am going to try to be better about it. I wish there was a way I could upload straight from my phone to here...I bet there is, that would make it SO much easier...Ill have to figure that one out.

Ok let me just make it clear for all of you who arent here every day with Kate. She is not only the cutest, but the smartest most entertaining child I have ever come across. She is SO fun right now its just well unbelievable every day she does something more hilarious than the other, and she is mimicing me like Crazy! She is SO independent, which I mean lets be honest IM not surprised about that one. Right now her big thing is to walk around and say "NO" in this sweet high pitched voice and at the same time she shakes her head. Its the cutest. I tried to get video, but im telling you she knows when that video is on, she does nothing when I turn it on. So annoying! haha Lets see what else is she doing...or done. Through this month we have been in Dallas, Tyler, Friends have come here, we moved, I had a bridal show. Its just been a little nutso around here. We found a fantastic park that we frequent ever day, and its been beautiful here the last couple of days so we spend alot of time outside, Today I was hanging things in the den and nick and Kate were outside for quite a while, when they came in, she had that little kids been outside smell. It made me so happy. I have one of those now. One of those gets in the dirt, runs around with the pup and Loves being out side kiddos. Its just fun and exciting, Ill try to be better about writing my stories so that you all can have something to read more often! beware tons of pics to follow! oh and note that most are blurry because well she wont stay still! love you all!

This pic just shows how big she is getting so well! She is filling up that bed!!

found a squirrel, is was quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen!
we went to the library last week to have mother goose reading time, she loved it, they sang songs and then read a book and then got out all these great toys for all the kids to play! Super fun!
Wheres the Katers?? Oh and check out those sweet Michael Jackson shoes. We will represent for the King any day!

Rockin it on the playground...So cute!
Stephanie Sliding!

Enjoying the backyard today with Daddy :)

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  1. our baby is a little girl--I can't believe it!!